• Working for myself is a childhood dream come true, my own studio where I design and create pieces with my hands and honest machinery. I work from a cosy room in my home in Lancashire, where I knit my work using a big and beautiful vintage Italian knitting machine. I love the manual process of pushing the carriage backwards and forwards, flicking the various switches and levers, a rhythmic motion which creates a hypnotic tune.
    Gathering inspiration from naturally occurring symmetry, traditional textiles and ancient decoration, I love to mix interesting colour combinations and experiment with unusual techniques which create a different perception of knitting. I choose high quality yarns such as super soft merinos and brushed cottons, sourced from Italian and UK mills, to make each piece feel as good as it looks. Carefully hand finishing all my items to the highest quality ensures your knitted pieces can be treasured for years
    If you would like to follow my process of creating knitted textiles and running a small business, you can find me on Facebook: Amy Lawrence Knitted Designs, Twitter: AmyVLawrence, Instagram: Amy Lawrence Designs. You will also find sales and coupon codes especially for followers.

    My Machines
  • 10 gauge (fine) Santagostino V-bed manual industrial machine.
  • Feeders - they take the yarn across the bed when knitting a row. 
  • Linker - creates a chain stitch through individual knitted loops to stitch fabrics together, and stops fabric unraveling.