• A textile designer specialising in luxury, knitted, artisan jewellery, I use a big and beautiful Italian knitting machine to create all my pieces. Taking inspiration from my interests in science, nature and traditional cultures, I design and make adornments that bring together the worlds of jewellery and fashion.
    I use the best quality yarns such as super soft merinos and brushed cottons, sourced from Italian and UK mills, making each piece feel as good as it looks. Carefully hand finishing all my items to the highest quality ensures your knitted pieces can be treasured for years.

    Whilst studying for a Textile Design degree at Birmingham City University (former UCE), I found my first true love, a knitting machine. My final major project of machine knitted light coverings caught the eye of a Nottingham based swatch company, who saw my potential and hired me as a full time swatch designer.
    I learned invaluable skills in stitch development and fabric design, as well as broadening my knowledge of yarns and trends. During my time at the swatch company I sold many of my pieces to high street retailers through to high end designers such as Julien McDonald, John Varvatos and Calvin Klein.
    After leaving Nottingham for adventures in Liverpool, I bought my very own machine, sourced some great yarns, and started up my own home studio.

    Now in the rolling hills of Lancashire, I have the pleasure of designing and making full time for my own range - Amy Lawrence Designs

    My Machines

  • 10 gauge (fine) Santagostino V-bed manual industrial machine.
  • Feeders - they take the yarn across the bed when knitting a row. 
  • Linker - creates a chain stitch through individual knitted loops to stitch fabrics together, and stops fabric unraveling.